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Eze AD Services Daily is an site enabled car care platform fuelled by the passion of hundreds of cleaners who have learnt and upgraded their skills in vehicle cleaning and maintenance. Our professional cleaners provide expert cleaning at your doorstep to transform your car from ordinary to special every day.

We use eco friendly waterless cleaning to give your car a shiny and dust resistant look. We clean the interior of the car once a week to keep your car clean and sanitized.

You can choose any of the three subscriptions we offer – Daily, Alternate days or Weekly cleaning. Once you have subscribed and completed your order, we will find you a cleaner who will come as per the schedule to clean your car.

You will be able to track your cleaning; manage the service, report issues and many other things on our App. Sit back, relax and leave your car cleaning worries to us.

  • From United Kingdom (UK)
  • Seller Since 2021

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